Break free from self-doubt and overwhelm so you can find the confidence to live the life you deserve.

I'm ready to reclaim my life!

All of my personalised programmes are underpinned by one key concept: establishing confidence and releasing self-doubt.

Are you tired of feeling not good enough?

Do you have ambitions but hold yourself back due to worry people will laugh at you or judge you?

Are you a perfectionist and everything you do has to be done to a really high standard?

Maybe you procrastinate and get frustrated at not taking action?

Maybe to everyone else you have a perfect life but you have absolutely no idea why you don’t feel fulfilled or good about yourself?

Which of my programmes is your starting point?

The low down....


I'm going to be honest with you.

My coaching is not for everyone.


I’ve carefully designed my coaching programs to leave clients with the knowledge, focus, confidence and accountability they need to achieve the results they demand.


Think of me as the experienced leader on the sidelines of a professional football game. I’ve got the plans, but you have to execute them.


And it doesn’t matter what level you’re playing at. If you want to have a successful business and/or love life, you need a coach.

That’s me.


I’m someone who will help improve your personal and professional life by offering the expertise, support and encouragement you need while also suggesting modifications that can take your goals to the next level.


My coaching curriculum is grounded in a partnership.  I can’t do this without your buy-in, and you’ll need my guidance to stay the course.


Our relationship establishes a support system you need to focus on that single goal: improving your quality of life.


Private Coaching

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A collection of powerful bitesize masterclasses, on demand, for busy bee's on the go.

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Accelerate your personal growth with private coaching from anywhere in the world. 

If you're looking to go deep, 1:1 is for you.  Be warned; breakthroughs and transformations come at the cost of you leaving your excuses at the door. If you're ready to jump all in, Melissa will jump in with you to.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Coaching is accelerated growth.

It’s different to a chat with friends, it’s different to family giving you advice, and it’s not therapy.

Here’s how coaching is different:

  • It’s confidential and non-judgmental. That means you can have one of the most honest conversations you’ve ever had with anyone. You can say things you’ve never told anyone, maybe things you haven’t even admitted to yourself.

  • It’s unbiased. Your friends are too close to you to provide a new perspective. They may even share your fears and worries thereby keeping you safe and in your comfort zone because they want to protect you. But keeping you safe, keeps you small. Growth comes from stepping outside of the known.

  • It’s a secret weapon. The mind is one of the most sophisticated and powerful tools in the world and yet we don’t get an instruction manual for how to use it. Psychology has been studying the mind for over 100 years and is the manual we all need. This knowledge can help you understand how to use your mind so it works for you, not against you.

  • It’s eye-opening. Everyone has limiting beliefs, false assumptions, self-sabotaging behaviour, but not everyone can see theirs. These are called blind spots. Coaches can help you find and see your blind spots so you can start to evolve.

  • It’s short. Therapy is exploring your past. That can go on for years. Coaching is a short, sharp intervention. Coaching to therapy is like physio to personal training. It doesn’t go on for ever, it helps you feel you again or maybe even for the first time.

In short, no!

However, if anything you've read has resonated with you, I'd wager that coaching would benefit you tremendously.

Coaching is accelerated growth.

If you consistently feel stuck, stalled out, exhausted, on autopilot, anxious, defeated or directionless, and something has been nagging you to make a change (even if you don't know what or how), coaching could be a great first step. 

I market to women but I work with both men and women of all ages.

In fact, approx 50% of my private one-to-one and self-study clients are men. 

If what I say resonates with you, then please get in touch.

However, my online group programmes are exclusively for women at the present moment.

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