In a world that is speeding up, you don't have the choice to slow down.

In our constantly shifting world, organisations need to not only adapt and flex to recognise the changing face of business, but also provide training and coaching to allow leaders to flourish and create the impact that they, and their organisations need and want.

True inner confidence helps leaders achieve and impact more by fuelling personal resilience, efficient growth, optimal decision making, and overall well-being.

It turns out that confident people also create healthy cultures that are more innovative, collaborative, and magnetic.

Most people’s confidence is challenged with today’s relentless amount of information, choices, and competition. Our mind and body suffer unnecessarily because up until now, no one taught us how to scientifically manage confidence.

Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind.

Confidence comes from feelings of well-being and belief in one’s own ability, skills and experience. Even the most outwardly confident people feel insecure at times.

Confidence is an attribute that most people would like to possess and with practice, anyone can boost their confidence levels and command the workplace

At E-volve Global, we empower and equip leaders with the tools and techniques they need to develop self-mastery through impactful signature talks, workshops and intensive 1:1 coaching.

Meet Melissa

As a coach, mentor and former corporate leader, Melissa has an abundance of knowledge, experience and tools for helping people create a vision and achieve powerful results.

Whether it's increasing productivity, evolving business cultures or coaching leaders to thrive, Melissa helps individuals raise their standards and create outstanding results.

With boundless energy and a warm, effervescent style, Melissa delivers powerful strategies and take-away tools that enables audiences to implement them, immediately, for positive change and personal growth.

Melissa founded E-volve Global to help professionals gain clarity on the obstacles that are holding them back, identify the habits that support or sabotage their progress, and develop the flexible mindset that will accelerate results.


Healthy Workplace Benefits

Decrease Stress Levels

Stress and depression costs European businesses £77 Billion per year.  How much it is costing your business?

Increase Productivity

Remove roadblocks, implement efficient systems and get the best from your employees to increase productivity and quality of output.

Reduce Presenteeism

Employees who don’t feel supported are less engaged and less effective at work.  Companies who address challenges open the door for empowered teams.

Improve Morale

Build a company culture that promotes accountability, camaraderie, and teamwork.


Reduce Staff Turnover

Improving the culture of an organisation has been found to increase staff retention and loyalty to the company. 


Increase Creativity

Creativity is not an optional extra for companies. Harness creativity within your orgranisation to fuel business growth.  


Improve Relationships

Foster healthy, open communication between your team to uncover new ideas, issues and potential.


Signature Workshops

Melissa inspires individuals to step into their personal power and recognise their abilities.

These workshops are perfect for organisations wanting to maximise their employee’s potential and develop leaders to embrace challenges through positive psychology, mindset work and confidence strategies.

In need of something else?

6 month 1:1 private coaching - This is for rising stars and emerging leaders to build disciplines to drive enhanced mindset management, positive habit formation and improved self-awareness work that will elevate their leadership capability.  


Bespoke workshops & programmes - Do you have specific challenge that needs to be addressed? Melissa can design a customized programme to address the needs of your organization, leaders, or workplace issues.


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Learn how Melissa can help to improve your organisations confidence culture.


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